Capital One is a banking company that issues credit cards, loans for homes and cars, accepts savings deposits. The Bank has 512 branches, 2000 ATMs, its own cafeterias and other infrastructure. In 2015, 61% of the profits came from credit cards. The company is considered one of the largest issuers (the one who issues cards) in America.

Like any giant, Capital One is characterized by strict terms of service. From time to time, the company is scolded for poor customer service, low credit limits that have not been rising for years, but nevertheless, they offer a lot of cards for different purposes, and their credit cards are in great demand.

You can apply for credit card at www.​getmyoffer.​capitalone.​com website or by using online banking Capital One 360. The company also has apps for budgeting, a subsidiary of the company, giving loans, for example, the car (Capital One Auto Finance).

Venture Credit Card

The card accumulates 2 points for every dollar spent. This is a good card for those who spend a lot of money and do not really need points but do not mind to get them as a bonus. 100 points are then transformed into $ 1, that is, the card just saves you 2% of expenses, like any cash back card.

Venture Card is often offered to those who travel a lot because the accumulated points can pay for miles of flights, but in General, it is a bad idea. First, you can only return the money that you have already spent on flights, and not pay for future ones. Secondly, miles from other cards you can change for money much more expensive. In comparison, for example, with American Airlines, the cost of one earned point is 7 times lower. That is, you have to spend 7 times more money with Capital One than with American Airlines to earn points for the same flight.

Platinum Credit Card

In Platinum Credit Card from Capital One, there is no annual fee, the Bank will return the money if the card was stolen or lost (but it is necessary to report it in time). There is no transfer fee, and as a Supplement, you are given access to a credit rating accounting system so you can control your growth. The card was originally intended to restore the credit rating. If you already have two or more Capital One cards, you will not be able to take this one yet.

Card bonuses: additional guarantee for purchased goods, car rental insurance, travel insurance, 27/7 travel and driving assistance, reimbursement of the difference in price if you find the same product cheaper for 60 days, etc.

QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

1.5% cash back, in the first 9 months zero annual rate, and then 23.24%. In the first 9 months, there is also no Commission for the transfer of the balance. The annual fee is $ 39. The limit is increased after 5 months of timely payments. As a bonus, insurance against card fraud.

This is an attractive offer with the average cash back, regular bonus and no commissions at first. There are no special privileges in this card, but there are no risks. Therefore, it is well suited for daily calculation.