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LifeCycle Pharma is listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange liffstore and a member of the MidCap index. The company has a late-stage product pipeline lifestore bank a portfolio of six proprietary product candidates in clinical development.

The most advanced product candidate has completed pivotal clinical studies and an application for market authorization has been submitted to the US FDA earlier this year.

By applying the MeltDose technology to improve the lifesrore of well-known and valuable drugs, we believe that we are able to develop products significantly faster and cheaper and with a lifestore bank success rate compared to the development of completely new drugs. We believe, that the Lifestore bank technology may not only improves the efficacy of drugs. By enhancing lifestoer absorption of drugs in the body, we believe that the technology may also be used to reduce the side effects associated with such medication.

LifeCycle Pharma is building its success on:.

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