Meet the Team

Existing Board Members Soon to be Posted

Aaron W. Campbell Founder & CEO

B.A., University of Pennsylvania
Aaron Campbell is the tribally adopted “baby brother” of renowned chief, Cyril George, of the Angoon Deisheetaan clan. Aaron is the founder and senior pastor of Antioch of Calvary Chapel, Inc.—a ministry well-noted for its service to the Philadelphia community over the last decade. Both a visionary and an activist, Campbell possesses the unique skill set of engaging and connecting people from all walks of life. He works closely with various organizations and administration at The University of Pennsylvania, and at the other end of the spectrum, venturing into Port-au-Prince, Haiti just after the earthquake, Campbell braved the death-stenched streets and personally rescued families from human traffickers and disease outbreak, whom he now mentors and financially supports. Serving on various community development boards in Philadelphia over the years, Campbell’s passion is raising Native-American awareness while building bridges—so that ignorance may be dispelled and collective courses of action may abound. He has been laboring in Angoon, Alaska for the last six years. Campbell is also a published author, whose work has been adopted into university curriculum.

Jason Hooley Director of Boards and Commissions, State of Alaska

Jason is adopted S’ah Xaa of the Angoon Kaagwaantaan. He works in the Office of [Alaska] Governor Sean Parnell as the Director of Boards and Commissions. He has 11 years of experience working in Alaska state government, including service in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor as well as the Alaska State Legislature. He began a relationship with the people of Angoon seven years ago.

Frank Jack, III Angoon Construction Supervisor

Frank Jack III has been employed with Southeast Alaska’s Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority since 1999, where he began as a construction laborer. Since 2002, he has held his current position as the Angoon construction supervisor. A licensed fishing guide on Alaska’s roughest waters, Frank has also served on the Angoon City Council for four years. Currently, Frank is overseeing the Angoon Weatherization project, which includes 53 built homes, along with supervising other programs, including grant work with Housing, Accessibility, and Modification (H.A.M.).

Natasha Campbell, Esq. Legal

J.D., Georgetown University Law Center
B.A., University of Pennsylvania

Natasha is a practicing attorney with over 15 years experience. She started her legal career as a commercial litigator at two premier Philadelphia law firms, Pepper Hamilton and Saul Ewing, before moving in-house to an internationally-known financial services company, where she currently manages a large group in financial services litigation. Natasha is the wife of Aaron Campbell.

Rayce Rollins CFO

MBA, Haub School of Business—Saint Joseph’s University
B.A., Fox School of Business—Temple University

Rayce is the managing principal of Route Norte LP, a management and marketing consulting firm. He has several years’ experience in corporate strategy and business development. At Route Norte, Rayce helps companies develop winning strategies for new market entry and expansion within existing markets. In 2012, Rayce also started his own franchise, Smoothie Villa Cafe, offering natural fruit smoothies, gourmet coffees, and a line of healthy food products on the Temple University main campus. Rayce is also an accountant, with years of experience in auditing non-profits.

Joanne Graham CMO

MS, Social Policy and Practice—University of Pennsylvania
Joanne is a Fund Developer Consultant, with a 20-year track record for successfully managing grants with combined budgets exceeding $15m. Joanne demonstrates special strength in the area of leveraging resources, resulting in sustainable program and measurable outcomes for local schools and agencies. Joanne’s successes have resulted in district-wide replication of her program development initiatives by fellow grant managers in the School District of Philadelphia, as well as the U.S. Department of Navy and Navy Family Service Centers via contract with The University of Pennsylvania.

Isaac Esseku COO

MBA, Wharton School—University of Pennsylvania
B.A., Computer Science & Economics—Lafayette College

Isaac works as a Retail Analyst, covering publicly traded retail companies, including grocery stores, restaurants, mass merchants, dollar stores, home improvement, and others. He previously worked in investment banking and corporate strategy at Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch. He is also a co-founder and former chief strategy officer for Fireball Energy Drink.

Peter Blair Strategy-Economic Research

PhD candidate, Wharton School—University of Pennsylvania;
MS, Harvard University; B.S., Duke University

With primary and secondary fields in urban/public economics and behavioral/experimental economics, respectively, Peter’s exemplary track record has lead to him presenting his economic research at Bank of Jamaica, Central Bank of Barbados, the Caribbean Science Forum on Science Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, The Singapore National University, and the Korean Military Academy in Seoul. Peter’s experiences and insight will prove to be a goldmine for AAP.

Lt. Col. Kevin Kelly Strategic Planner

Current F-16C+ Fighter Pilot
U.S. Air Force; Navy Legal Justice School
B.S., Villanova University

Kevin has flown on numerous deployments on-board multiple aircraft carriers, and is a combat Veteran with over 400 carrier landings. He is an entrepreneur and a consultant, and has worked with the executive teams of many Fortune 500 corporations in helping them develop long-term strategies for success. Kevin is also a franchisee of Planet Fitness, Inc. and is currently overseeing the construction and operation of 46 Planet Fitness locations over the next ten years.

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